The Heartbreaking Moment This Pig Realizes His Best Friend Passed Away

May 3, 2018

Rachel Vos of Aubel, Belgium shared a heartbreaking yet beautiful story about her two pigs, Spot and Sientje.

spot the pig funeral best friend
Credit: Rachel Vos

The two pigs were best friends for 13 years, rarely leaving each other's side. But when Sientje's osteoarthritis had become very severe, Vos made the difficult decision to put her down.

Vos gave her beloved pig a proper send-off by wrapping her in a blanket and scattering flowers around her body.

When Spot realized she was gone, he wouldn't leave her side.

"At first he didn't understand what was happening," Vos told The DoDo. "I could not stop crying. They were always together."

Vos said Spot mourned the loss of his best friend for a long time.

"When she was no longer there, it took a while before he was the old cheerful Spot again," Vos said. "It was difficult for him."

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