Watch This Precious Interview With Two Brothers, One Is Diagnosed With Down Syndrome

April 30, 2018

Chris Ulmer used to be a special education teacher. After working with the same students in Florida for three years, he started filming interviews with them and posting them on Facebook.

chris ulmer Special Books by Special Kids
Chris Ulmer (CEO) with Alyssa Porter (Executive Director) of SBSK

"The students in my class were amazing. They were funny, engaging and charismatic," Chris says. "But the rest of our neighborhood didn't really understand them. Nobody valued them. I wanted to show off these individuals and help them show the world what they had to offer."

So Chris launched a Facebook page, YouTube channel, and nonprofit called "Special Books by Special Kids". He travels around the world interviewing children and adults with disabilities with the hope of spreading empathy and acceptance.

In this video, Chris interviews Griffin and his younger brother Turner, who is diagnosed with Down syndrome.

"Their Mom told me that she explained Turner's diagnosis to Griffin when he was three," Chris said. "He instantly responded 'If Turner has Down syndrome then so do I.' "

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