Hero Saves Dog Whose Leash Was Going Up In The Elevator

March 5, 2018

A hotel manager happened to walk out at the right time and save a dog's life.

An elevator door closed on the dog's leash and as the elevator went up, it dragged the small dog with it. Manager Ben Duke only had a few seconds to unhook the leash from the collar before the dog was seriously injured, or worse.

The scene was captured on surveillance video and shared by Duke on YouTube. Duke said the dog's owner is a regular hotel guest, and was crying tears of gratitude afterwards to know Boo Boo was okay.

Some people think the owner did it on purpose but it's possible the man did not realize he was holding the leash, and as a regular at the hotel, planned on coming right back down for his dog. Or perhaps the door closed and he panicked and couldn't stop it.

Either way, the hero in this story is Ben Duke and his quick thinking under pressure.

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