He Made A Beautiful Tribute To A Friendly Raccoon He Rescued And Cared For

November 17, 2015

Kat Wagg shared this heartwarming tribute video of a raccoon he rescued and named Loki who passed away recently in his arms. After so many people fell in love with Loki and this video, he wanted to make sure people knew that raccoons should not be pets. He wrote:

"I've received some messages about how neat it would be to have a raccoon as a pet and a couple stating they found raccoons and were giving them away. I want to make it clear, I DO NOT THINK RACCOONS SHOULD BE KEPT AS PETS. Loki was not a pet. He was free to go whenever he chose. He would come and go through the doggie door. We found him infested with parasites, including 2 large botfly larvae in his ear, abscesses, injuries, dehydration - near death and after being told by officials that he would be euthanized if turned in, we did our research and took care of him. A rehabber we came to know in our research said when he matured he would become very aggressive during mating season and she was RIGHT! I was the only one he would tolerate and even I had to be very careful. I let my guard down once and as a result received 5 stitches on my right hand. She told us females can be even worse, especially when they have babies, they become fiercely protective. Furthermore, even during their best of times, they can be VERY destructive in the house. I've had many valuables broken, fabrics ripped apart and even a hole in the wall. I don't believe in caging animals except for transport to the vet or to sleep at night. Loki was never caged, he was always free to go as he pleased. It takes a special kind of person to be able to live with a raccoon. Too many people wouldn't have the patience, love and understanding to give them the life they deserve and need."

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