Owl Does The Monster Mash With His Stuffed Owl Best Friend

October 22, 2015

Oakley the Great Horned Owl is a young owl who's being raised by humans until he's old enough to be released back into the wild. His rescuer wrote: 

"Here is Oakley with his favorite stuffed Owl. He is always leaning against it. It gives him comfort and keeps him from stressing. It is breakfast time and When it is time to eat I do a Great Horned Owl call, just like his momma would. When he hears that call he knows it is time to eat. I am hoping to put him in with 3 other older juveniles in the next few weeks. They are pretty wild,and this way he will finish growing up with his own kind. So for now while he is still pretty young all he gets is a stuffed Owl. He is starting to see things pretty good now. We hope to release him in about 6 weeks."

Watch Oakley dance along to "The Monster Mash" in this adorable video:

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