A Stray Dog Gave Birth To 10 Puppies And Passed Away. What Happened Next Is Beautiful

September 7, 2015

It's a miracle for a stray mama dog to give birth to a few pups and for them to survive a life on the streets. This mom gave birth to ten pups, keeping them alive for as long as she could. For reasons unclear to the animal rescuers, she passed away, leaving her pups to fend for themselves at only a couple weeks old. They stood no chance.

Doggie Protective Services (DPS) immediately stepped in and took it upon themselves to hand rear the ten pups themselves. They babies could have ended up at a Los Angeles shelter but the DPS knew without proper care their chance of survival was slim to none.

Imagine having to wake up every 4 hours to feed one baby. Now imagine ten! The rescuers are nothing short of selfless heroes.

Since filming, all ten pups have gone home to their forever homes.

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