An Entire Train Full Of People Sing 'Somewhere Over The Rainbow' Together On Their Way To Work

July 21, 2015

The Monday morning blues instantly dissolved in Perth, Australia as an entire carriage of passengers start singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" on their way to work.

"The intent behind this was to allow people to feel recognized for the work they do and to demonstrate how simple it can be to uplift each other when we come together through positive shared experience. It can be easy to feel unappreciated, disconnected and isolated from our community in a world that constantly desires exponential growth, busy-ness and expansion. Thankfully, we've discovered our shared humanity exists just cm's beneath the surface of a seemingly ghost like public places. We decided to create this moment as a humanitarian check-point; a brief moment in time to see that beyond our differences there is love and humanity."

Credit: The Liberators International.

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