Polite Alabama 14-Year-Old Stuns Judges With Soulful Rendition Of 'You Don't Own Me'

July 11, 2024

In an unforgettable moment that left both judges and viewers in awe, 14-year-old Reid Wilson from Alabama delivered a powerful and soulful performance of "You Don't Own Me" that earned him a golden buzzer on America's Got Talent.

Reid, who has been singing all his life, decided to seriously pursue his dream over the past year. His dedication and passion shone through in every note he sang.

Reid Wilson AGT
America's Got Talent / YouTube

Before Reid began his performance, his proud mom looked on with a smile, fully aware of the incredible talent her son was about to showcase. As soon as Reid started singing, it didn't take long for the judges to be completely mesmerized by his stunning vocals.

This polite and talented teen has certainly made a name for himself, and we can't wait to see more!

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