Meet Kuzko and Kronk: The Pet Rats Driving Their Own Cars!

April 22, 2024

Have you ever heard of rats learning to drive? Well, Kuzko and Kronk, two curious and adventurous pet rats, are breaking all stereotypes by mastering the art of driving tiny cars, thanks to their devoted owner and his mechanically-gifted dad!

Inspired by a study from the University of Richmond on how enriched environments can reduce stress in rats by teaching them to drive, Kuzko and Kronk's owner decided to give his pets a chance to challenge themselves and learn a new skill.

The custom-built cars, designed by their owner's dad, are equipped with simple controls: a middle pedal to go forward and left and right pedals to turn the car left or right. Initially, the rats were rewarded for any interaction with the pedals, but as they began to understand the controls, the threshold for earning their treat was increased.

rat driving a car
@emperorsofmischief / Instagram

The ultimate goal for Kuzko and Kronk? To align the portholes in the windshield with a delicious rice puff held by their owner. After just a few months of daily 5-10 minute lessons, these talented rats have become quite skilled at turning and accelerating their cars with remarkable accuracy!

Not only are Kuzko and Kronk proving that rats are capable of learning complex tasks, but they also seem to genuinely enjoy their nightly driving practice. With the back doors of their cars removed to give them full autonomy, the rats are quick to jump in and hit the gas as soon as their cars come out.

Watch the video below!

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