'It Was A Magical Romance Moment From The Movies': Two Swans Reunite After Rehab

April 9, 2024

This is the beautiful reunion of two swans, Mango and Charlotte, after Mango had suffered a cut on his beak and was taken in by the Toronto Wildlife Centre (TWC).

On Monday at Bluffer's park, a volunteer spotted one of the swans with blood on his feathers. She knew he needed help and contacted TWC's Rescue Team.

The swan was carefully captured by team members and rushed to TWC. After a few days of supportive care from the rehabilitation team - who ensured he was preening properly so his waterproofing could be restored - he was ready for release!

Back at Bluffer's park, Ann and friends of TWC, Art and Shona (who recorded the special moment), prepared to release the bird. As Shona opened the kennel door to let him out, they all witnessed this remarkable and truly touching display.

"It was like a magical romance moment from the movies," Ann said. "It was so beautiful, I've never seen anything like that in the last 12 years!"

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