People Are Arguing Over The Color Of These Shoes In New Viral Video

March 15, 2024

Lori Greiner, a renowned entrepreneur from the US and former Shark Tank investor, recently shared a photo on social media with an intriguing caption: "This is going to blow your mind."

In the image, Greiner is seen holding up a shoe, prompting her followers to speculate on its color. Accoridng to her, those who perceive the sneakers as "pink and white" purportedly exhibit a dominant right side of the brain, while individuals who perceive them as "turquoise and grey" are believed to have a dominant left side of the brain.

As anticipated, the comments are uproariously funny..

"Pink/white = right brain and grey/turquoise = wrong brain," one commenter wrote.

"I see Grey and Turquoise…ain’t no way anyone else see any different," added another.

"I see pink amd turquoise. What does that mean? Is my brain fighting itself?"

@lorigreiner #SharkTank #LeftBrain #RightBrain ♬ original sound - Lori Greiner

What did you see?

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