'Now, It's Forever His': Woman Makes Dog's Favorite Step A Part Of The Home Forever

January 27, 2024

One year ago, Shari's beloved dog Max crossed the rainbow bridge, peacefully resting his head on her lap as he drifted into eternal slumber.

Max wasn't just a pet; he was family.

This week, she took on the task of refinishing her stairs, diligently applying paint to each step. However, there was one step she just couldn't bring herself to cover with paint.

Why? Because that particular step held a special place in her heart—it was his favorite step.

So, she made it a forever tribute to him.


I refinsihed my stairs… i oainted the steps black. But there was one step i could NOT paint over. One year ago today, my dog Max, passed away. He out his bead on my lap and went to forever sleep. He loved hos step. He even slept on it. Haha so i made it a forever tribute to him. The bestest dog, ever.

♬ original sound - Shari B

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