Laugh Out Loud: Couple Plays Swinging Water Bottle Game, But She Takes ALL The Hits

January 5, 2024

Chances are you've come across this swinging water bottle game but, if not, it's a simple yet entertaining activity where participants tie a water bottle to a string attached to the ceiling and take turns trying to dodge the unpredictable swinging bottle. The goal? Avoid getting hit or, better yet, hope it strikes the other person first.

In a recent video that has the internet in stitches, a couple takes on the game, but with a surprising twist - the bottle seems to have a mind of its own, targeting only one half of the couple.

With each swing, the water bottle unerringly finds its mark on the girlfriend, prompting fits of laughter from both parties. Undeterred, she decides to shake things up a bit by swapping seats with her boyfriend, hoping that changing positions might change her luck.

But much to everyone's surprise, the water bottle's aim remains true, striking the girlfriend once again...

@_anastas_dim_ Отмечай того,с кем хотел бы поиграть в эту игру 😂 #bottlechallenge #bottlecapchallenge #game #challenge #womanmen ♬ Rockin' Easter Bunny - The Kiboomers

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