Polite Trick-Or-Treaters Think Of Their Parents First

November 1, 2023

When it comes to Halloween, it's not just the costumes and the candy that make the night memorable.

In a heartwarming display of thoughtfulness, a pair of polite trick-or-treaters took the spirit of the holiday to a new level. Caught on a doorbell camera, these young candy hunters were seen carefully selecting their sweet treasures, but with a unique twist.

Rather than just thinking of themselves, these considerate children chose to prioritize their parents' tastes by picking out candy that they knew their moms and dads would enjoy.

This delightful and unexpected act of kindness serves as a testament to the values of generosity and family that Halloween can bring to life.

@chantillydesign This was right after another child stole the whole bowl of candy and I had to refill it. 🥹 good kids, hope restored #trickortreat #halloween #halloween2022 #doorcam ♬ original sound - Mary

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