Lead Singer Of Heavy Metal Band Comforts Little Girl At Concert

August 22, 2023

When you think of heavy metal bands, you might think they're evil or scary, right?

"I'm very proud of you"

That's the first thing Disturbed's lead singer David Draiman told a little girl attending the concert.

disturbed singer little girl

Draiman noticed the girl singing all of the lyrics and invited her on stage - but she freaked out and started bawling. That's when Draiman paused the show and went down to talk to her.

He then went on to tell the entire audience that he's so happy Disturbed concerts have become family affairs.

After his heartfelt speech about unity and love, he ended with one last piece of advice for the little girl:

"Sometimes darkness can show you the light."

@disturbed Everyone who comes to a Disturbed concert is welcome and accepted and loved 🖤 #disturbed #takebackyourlifetour #livemusic #familyaffair #inclusive #rock #metal #weareone #united #humanity ♬ original sound - disturbed

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