Every Year, These Older Brothers Dress Up For Their Little Sister

August 17, 2023

Every year for Halloween, the Schmidt brothers dress up in costume with their much younger sister, Avery.

Mom had her three sons over two decades ago (ages 28, 26 and 22) and was surprised to find out she was pregnant again at the age of 44.

Realizing Avery would not share the same childhood memories at Halloween as her sons have, the family embarked on a new tradition.

@pattiaveryschmidt I had to include last year! ⚡️ What should they be next? #siblings #family #halloween2022 ♬ original sound - Patti Avery Schmidt

2017: The Wizard of Oz
2018: Star Wars
2019: Game of Thrones
2020: The Princess Bride
2021: Harry Potter


@pattiaveryschmidt The fog worked out perfectly 🌫 #bigbrothers #wendyandthelostboys #halloween2022 ♬ Lost Boy - Ruth B.

What do you think they will be this year?

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