Man Explains Why This Alligator Won't Eat Him

July 21, 2023

Chris is a professional biologist and animal handler in Florida. He and his wife save alligators and other wildlife.

In this video, Chris explains that his alligators do not LOVE him like it seems. And that they could easily attack him if he did not know how to handle them correctly.

@gatorchris1 Professional biologist and animal handler, never attempt. Casper loves me!!! NOPE, sorry, he does not 😂. At least not how people think he does, maybe you can argue that he loves me in his own little unique way, but it is not like how people or dogs love you. If I were to fall next to him or be disadvantaged in someway, he has no issue with eating me.😂 Check out my new YouTube video on my channel Gator Chris where I delve into this topic in great detail and give you guys some harrowing stories that emphasize how I know 100% that they don’t love me. ~~~You can come swim with me and Casper! If you want to come join you can book online now, go to Let me know if you want to go! Observation and photos only at @evergladesoutpost and tour participants are separated from gators by safety fence. Remember all the gators you see me working with are rescue nuisance gators, caught from the wild as big as you see them now! The state kills 7k-8k each year. We volunteer our time to catch & rescue them and bring them to sanctuaries, unpaid. Wetsuit by @cressi1946 #Educational #EducationalVideo #AnimalEducation #EducationalPurposes #glades #southflorida #Miami #glades #reptile #reptilesofinstagram #underwaterphotography #gatortour #underwatergatortour #thingstodoinmiami #subaruambassador ♬ original sound - Christopher Gillette

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