Use Ice To Fix That Annoying Rug Corner Curl

March 21, 2023

A DIY page on TikTok has gone viral for this "ice cube hack" on rolled rug corners.

According to Sara, who runs the page, place ice cubes on the corner of the rug and let them melt overnight. Use a weight to keep the corner down while the ice goes to work.

@functionalforyou When I first posted this video on Instagram, I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of attention it got (and reshares/remixes which I love and so appreciate!). It also got alot of comments concerned about moldy carpet 😆 I hadn’t posted it to TikTok yet, but I came across a cropped version of my video this morning. I wanted to take the opportunity to post my original video here. AND reassure everyone that this will not create a mold or mildew situation. It is just a few ice cubes after all 😉🥶 Try this on your rolled rug corners and lmk what you think! ❄️🧊 #icecubehack #trythisathome #rugtips ♬ Don't I Make It Look Easy - Meghan Trainor

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