Cat Keeps Making Sure Owners Are Still Alive

March 8, 2023

After being woken up multiple times throughout the night, a couple decided to put a camera in their bedroom to catch their cat's antics.

Some people believe cats do this to make sure we are alive, as cats are naturally light sleepers.

Whatever the reason is, cat owners have found the video very relatable.

"My cat does this but she uses one little claws to pull my nostril gently to wake up," one person said.

"This is one of the reasons that the cats are banned from the bedroom," another user wrote.

"Mine will sniff your breath while you're sleeping. She'll wake you up because you can feel her own little breaths blowing into your mouth or up your nose."

"My cat started doing this to me out of the blue. He'd lay by my face, I'd wake up to slaps, turn over and he'd move to lay in front of my face and do it again. When I told my ex about it he said, 'You know you stop breathing in your sleep, right?' I did not know that. Turns out he was hitting me to get me breathing again. I scheduled a sleep study and found I had severe sleep apnea. Thanks to my cat."

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