Have You Seen My Mommy? Baby Deer Shows Up At Man's Front Door

May 28, 2022

A baby deer surprised this homeowner at his front door.

"I was inside and heard a peculiar noise, finally I opened the door I must admit it took my by suprise," Cory said.

The deer was born in Cory's yard along with two other siblings.

"Two were born the day before so this little fawn was about 28 hours old.. Mommy came back after 1 day they still come to the house regularly. It is very common for mom to clean the babies then go away to clean herself, this helps keep predators away. When they were being born Mom knew we were there and the newborns saw and smelled us when they were learning to stand up. I guess baby was comfortable with us. When mom went away the fawn, I guess, went to the only other animal it knew..."

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