This Family's Reaction To A Man Walking Up Behind Them Is Hilarious

May 27, 2022

A woman named Cheryl posted this hilarious video recorded on her Ring doorbell camera.

A kind, seemingly harmless man was walking up to her house to pick something up that he purchased for his mother on Facebook marketplace and this is how they reacted. "Well my fight or flight is officially broken!" she said.

Some hilarious comments on the video:

"Took her 3-5 business days to scream"

"Totally reasonable reaction if you ask me"

"If I was the dude I think I would have turned around and screamed too thinking someone was behind me"

"He just stood there like it's everyday that ppl scream when they see him"

"I am crying TEARS. I have laughed and snorted so hard"

"I can't even see the screen from crying laughing"

"the worst they can say is no"

Credit: @lovelifetogetherhome on TikTok

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