Video Shows Panther Kitten Reunited With Mom In Florida

May 24, 2022

Florida Fish and Wildlife night-vision cameras caught the adorable scene of a panther kitten meeting back up with its mom.

The organization said:

"When a 4-month-old endangered panther kitten was separated from its mother, staff launched a search for the adult female, but came up empty. Attempts to attract mom with her kitten’s scent failed and biologists pulling an all-nighter with the kitten in a cage in front of a livestream camera produced nothing, so we feared hope was lost.

But on the third night, the mother found her baby! With the kitten meowing for her mom, one of our panther biologists released the kitten from the cage, reuniting mother and daughter! Telemetry data indicates the kitten is alive and well and trail camera footage captured the pair together. The kitten’s expandable collar will soon drop off, after which time biologists hope to continue monitoring the pair with trail cameras."

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