5-Year-Old Boy Wears Tux, Brings Flowers To Surprise His Valentine

February 15, 2022

This 5-year-old's Valentine surprise will melt your heart.

Anthony and Lyla are in kindergarten together and also sit together on the bus. This is what Anthony's mom wrote:

"At the beginning of February, my son asked if he could get some chocolate and a stuffie for his Valentine. When I told him yes, he asked me to ask her mom what her favorite animal was. This is why we got a rainbow unicorn.

I told him since he wanted to do this to pick out a nice shirt for when we go over. He slept on it and told me the next morning that he decided to wear his tux.

How could I say no?

A few days before going over he asked for flowers too, so we got a small bouquet. He was so nervous before going over that he practiced at home, what to do if her parents answered and how to ask her to be his Valentine.

Lyla was very happy and all smiles after we left but my son thought he had messed up. After reading comments, he feels better about how he did."

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