Wholesome Moment: 'Wheel Of Fortune' Contestant Throws Game To Help Fellow Veteran

August 13, 2021

Here's a very wholesome moment that happened on Wheel Of Fortune during Veteran's Week.

Nura was already the winner of the game during this final round of Wheel Of Fortune with the other contestants. No matter who won the round, she was heading to the Bonus Round for a chance to win more money and prizes.

Knowing this, she purposely threw the game so that one of her fellow contestants, a fellow veteran, walked away with some money. Steve had not won a single game until this round. 

She guessed letters like X, Y and Z, confusing host Pat Sajak. When he asked her about it, she knew she couldn't admit to it.

"That's what I saw," she replied, keeping a straight face.

Thanks to Nura's kindness, Steve walked home with a far more respectable $6,400.

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