Act Of Kindness By Local Garbage Truck Driver Captured On Security Camera

June 21, 2021

A man in Victoria, Australia, shared a video of his local garbage man going above and beyond the call of duty.

Taylor Hampton said he was busy and forgot to put out his overflowing recycling bin. When he went out to check on it, he realized it had been emptied.

Hampton posted the video from his security camera and said:

"His name is Phil and is one of our local garbage truck drivers. I had completely forgotten to put my recycling bin out that morning and I was in a zoom call when I heard him pull up.

Went out to check and noticed my bin had been emptied. Phil stopped, reversed and got out of his truck. Grabbed my bin and took it to the curb to empty it!

Might be something small but it definitely didn’t go unnoticed. I have called the company and the local council to provided some positive feedback. I love living in a small community!"

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