Man Saves Dog That Had Been Locked In The Basement Of A Vacant House For Over A Week

December 26, 2014

A Michigan subcontractor working for a property management company found a starved, scared dog locked in the basement of a vacant house.

amaing dog rescue from abandoned home

Seeing her condition, he ran to the store to get some dog food and bring it back to her. It took two hours trying to gain her trust to get her out of the basement. She had been down in that basement alone for over a week.

Her rescuer said: "I work for a property management company and went to a house that has been vacant for over a week to go change the locks, and heard something in the basement."

When he went to check, he found her all alone.

amaing dog rescue from abandoned home

He took her to the vet immediately to get her checked out. They said that other than being starved, she's healthy and approximately 8 months old. They believe she's a Pitt mixed with Golden Retriever or Lab, due to her color.

She got her shots, a new collar, and a new name - Whiskey.

Whiskey belonged to the previous tenant's boyfriend who was arrested and put in jail. The girlfriend just left the house, with Whiskey locked in the basement.

When he found her on December 11th, Whiskey weighed only 27 lbs. One week later was 34 lbs, and now about 40 lbs.

amaing dog rescue from abandoned home

When asked if he was going to keep her, he replied with: "Definitely keeping her, have you seen those eyes?"

Credit: mfanous007

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