A Time Capsule Buried By Samuel Adams And Paul Revere in 1795 Discovered In Boston

December 12, 2014

A time capsule buried by Samuel Adams and Paul Revere in 1795 was unearthed on Thursday, December 11, 2014 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Credit: AP / Elise Amendola

The over 200-year-old antique - believed to be the oldest unopened time capsule in the U.S. - was located in a granite cornerstone at the Massachusetts State House by workers repairing a water leak.

Experts were then called in and the artifact was removed and taken by police escort to the Museum of Fine Arts to be X-rayed.

Officials want to examine the capsule's contents via X-ray Sunday before actually opening it up.

Credit: AP / Stephan Savoia

Based on records, the antique should contain old coins, newspapers and other artifacts.

"We know what is supposed to be in it, we don't know in fact if it's still in good condition because of the container whether there was any damage done," Massachusetts Secretary of State Bill Galvin said. "It may contain other stuff too, we don't know that yet."

The capsule had initially been discovered in 1855 during emergency repairs to the State House. It was later put back in its place before being unearthed again this week.

Via The Blaze.

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