New Study's Shocking Results Are Making Parents Think Twice About Giving Kids Fruit Juice

September 30, 2014

A major study in the United Kingdom has revealed that tens of thousands of toddlers are suffering from rotting teeth caused by drinking too much fruit juice.

They found that one in ten children showed evidence of tooth decay, and these youngsters had an average of three teeth that were decayed, missing or filled.

juice bad for kids

Senior dentists say the problem is often caused by well-meaning parents giving toddlers sugar-laden drinks in bottles and beakers. They are now urging families to restrict children to milk and water.

Even expensive organic juices can contain as much sugar as a glass of soda. For instance, a 200ml glass of organic apple juice contains 20 grams of sugar – nearly five teaspoons – only slightly less than the same amount of a coka cola, which has 22 grams.

juice bad for kids

Sandra White, director of dental health for Public Health England, said: "Parents think they are doing good, but fruit juice needs to be restricted to one small glass a day. Our key advice for under three is just have water and milk, that way they won’t get a taste for the sweeter liquids that cause decay."

Public Health England also suggests that parents start brushing their children's teeth as soon as the first tooth appears and supervise their brushing until they're seven or eight years old.

Sources: BBC, Dailymail

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