3 Year-Old Spends Most Of His Day With His 89 Year-Old Best Friend

July 10, 2014

For these two best buds, age is just a number. Three year-old Emmett Rychner has befriended his neighbor Kindem, an 89-year-old World War II veteran, over a love of tomatoes, tractor racing and the simple joys of life.

3 year old best friend 89 year old

For nearly 10 years, the Rychners lived next door to Kindem, exchanging pleasantries but otherwise keeping to themselves. But last year, Emmett started a friendship that has endured even the cold and snowy Minnesota winter.

The two became close quickly, with Kindem teaching the little boy things about fixing a bike, throwing a baseball or fishing. They'd even play croquet, the war veteran staying spry with the little tyke by his side. The two would race their matching green John Deere tractors: Kindem's the real kind, Emmett's a toy replica.

3 year old best friend 89 year old

"His patience is unbelievable," Emmett's dad told the station. “He sees Emmett outside playing, he'll find a reason to go outside."

"I was in the kitchen and I heard the snow blower going, sounds like Erling is really close to the house," Emmett's mom added. "I opened the window and he was snow blowing a path from his back door to our back door."

But sadly, things are about to change for the two pals, as the Rychner family is moving into a bigger home, and Kindem is going to a senior home. However, the new living arrangements will only place the two about 5 minutes apart.

Hopefully they will stay in touch and remain friends. "I love him," says Emmett in the clip above.

Sources: NY Daily News, Kare11

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