Beached dolphin saved by local family

April 19, 2012

Today's feel good story comes from a local family in Jacksonville, Florida.

George Hehman and his daughter Kerry Ware decided to take matters in their own hands when they saw a dolphin that had accidentally beached itself on a sandbar.

They noticed the dolphin flapping around in a panic while boating and knew they had to help.

They quickly drove up and anchored the boat close enough to get out and walk up. They both decided to try and drag the helpless dolphin off the sandbar by it's tail to get it back in deeper water.

"She fought us at first, then I don’t know whether she realized what we were doing or not, but she quit," Hehmen told ABC News.

George believed the dolphin to be about 300 lbs, and very, very strong.

They successfully freed her from the sandbar, and it was all caught on film by Kerry's son who was watching this unravel. See below!

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