College football superstar takes recovering cancer patient to her prom

April 18, 2012

Courtney Alvis gets her wish to attend her high school senior prom after spending her entire junior year, and most of her senior year battling cancer. The problem was...she didn't have a date to this memorable event.

That is where the University of Alabama superstar running back Trent Richardson stepped in.

In Alabama, college football is number 1. They live and breathe football. Trent Richardson was the best player for the University of Alabama, and he was about to attend a high school prom as a date.

Onlt two weeks until the NFL draft, where Trent is expected to be selected in the first round, and he is attending Hueytown High School's prom.

Trent heard the news about Courtney's situation and how she beat cancer in time to finish her senior year. His mother is also battling cancer and decided to step up and make a difference.

"I'm kinda nervous, I got to meet her parents and all that," says Trent.

Trent is a hero in my book. Athletes are given a platform that most of us do not have and people, especially the younger generation, look up to them as role models. Trent Richardson is one of those role models.

Watch the video below.

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