Everyone Ignored Him And Kept Their Distance, Until A Muslim Man Did Something Beautiful

April 24, 2014

A bus driver has had his faith in humanity restored after witnessing a rider wearing plastic bags instead of shoes given a surprising gift this weekend — a stranger's own shoes and socks.


"It made my heart melt," he told QMI Agency. "He just took his shoes and socks off and said, 'You can take these, don't worry about me — I live close by and can walk.'"


Reached by phone, the giver of the shoes asked QMI Agency not to identify him because in his Islamic faith, charitable acts should be anonymous. He was also reluctant to have his photograph published.

"Whenever we do a good deed, even if it's to help someone out, the Islamic teachings maintain this should remain only for the pleasure of God," he said. "It's nice to see people practicing the teachings ... it looks like he's really benefited."

Via Toronto Sun

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