Missouri Fifth Grader Raises Over $7,000 To Erase School Meal Debt

May 30, 2024

Today's good news story comes from Blue Springs, Missouri.

11-year-old Daken Kramer, a fifth grader at Thomas Ultican Elementary School, has successfully raised $7,370 to pay off meal debt at his school and Blue Springs High School.

5th grader clears school lunch debt
Credit: Vanessa Kramer via Associated Press

Daken, concerned about his peers who owed money for school meals, decided to take action. He posted a video last month challenging friends, family, and the broader community to help him clear the meal debt. His original goal was $3,500, but his message resonated deeply, and donations poured in from individuals and businesses alike.

"It was my last year," said Daken, who will be moving on to middle school. "I just wanted to do something kind to say thank you to the school."

The funds Daken raised exceeded his expectations, covering all the meal debt at Thomas Ultican Elementary and providing nearly $4,000 to reduce meal debt at Blue Springs High School. His initiative not only relieved the financial burden on many families but also set a powerful example of community spirit and generosity.

Daken's remarkable efforts were recognized during the fifth-grade graduation on May 21. His teacher, Kristi Haley, announced the creation of the Daken Kramer Legacy Award, an annual accolade to honor students who go above and beyond in service and kindness.

"We want to start teaching the 5th graders from day one next year, 'What is your legacy going to be?' and hopefully we can continue this kindness," Haley said.

Watch the good news video below.

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