'I Was In Awe': School Recognizes 6th Grader For Act Of Compassion During Race

May 24, 2024

Today's good news story comes from Heart Butte, Montana.

In a remarkable display of sportsmanship and compassion, sixth-grader Brinley Tatsey from Heart Butte Junior High School intentionally sacrificed her lead in a cross country race to help a fellow competitor in distress.

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Brinley / Credit: Gina Dosch

Tatsey, who holds the school record for the one-mile run, was competing in a cross country race when she noticed a competitor from another school gasping for air and struggling to breathe among the trees. Recognizing the severity of the situation and seeing no one else around to assist, Tatsey immediately stopped her race to offer help.

She reached for her inhaler and offered comfort while waiting for help to arrive. Two or three minutes later the girl was in good hands, so Tatsey returned to her run.

When her mother, Gina Dosch, inquired about her uncharacteristically slow finish, Tatsey simply shrugged and said, "I was just slow this time."

Tatsey's selfless act might have gone unnoticed if not for an observant spectator from another school, who witnessed the entire episode. Deeply moved by Tatsey's actions, the anonymous supporter wrote a heartfelt letter to the Heart Butte athletic department, highlighting the young athlete’s exemplary conduct.

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Heart Butte School / Facebook

"Brinley Tatsey demonstrated an act of selflessness and compassion that truly embodies the spirit of sportsmanship," the spectator wrote. "She stopped her own race to assist a struggling athlete without hesitation. After finishing, she didn’t make excuses or seek praise, simply stating 'I was just slow today'."

On Monday, Tatsey was honored at the school's annual awards assembly. In recognition of her outstanding sportsmanship, sincerity, and humanity, she was presented with a special plaque. The school community applauded her not just for her athletic prowess but for her character and empathy.

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Heart Butte School / Facebook

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