Line Workers Rescue Motorist Trapped In Rising Floodwaters

May 22, 2024

Today's good news story comes from Rotorua, New Zealand.

Two brave line workers are being praised by local law enforcement for saving a motorist who was trapped in rapidly rising floodwaters in Rotorua.

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Bay of Plenty & Taupo Police / Facebook

The incident occurred at 1 PM on May 21, when a woman called emergency services, reporting that her car was stranded on a flooded section of Waikaukau Road in Ngakuru. As the water levels rose, her vehicle began to float and then sink. The driver was unable to open her doors or windows, and with water reaching up to her chest, she was in immediate danger.

The police emergency communicator stayed on the line with the distressed driver while deploying units, a helicopter, and a swift water rescue team to the scene. However, before these resources could arrive, a lines crew working nearby witnessed the perilous situation and took immediate action.

The two workers leaped into the floodwaters, broke the car window, and pulled the driver to safety just in time.

Moments later, her vehicle was completely submerged, with only the roof visible above the waterline.

good news stories hero
Bay of Plenty & Taupo Police

Acting Sergeant Kyra Steiner commended the rescuers in a heartfelt social media post.

"We cannot thank those rescuers enough. They likely saved a life today, and a family's loved one gets to come home tonight. Had they not been there, it quickly could have gone the other way.

Myself and other officers who attended, as well as the woman they rescued, would like to say a massive thank you to those workers for their efforts today. They were very humble and downplayed their efforts when retelling the story. They put themselves at risk to save a stranger who will be forever grateful."

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