91-Year-Old Donates $500,000 To Local Fire Department

May 10, 2024

Today's good news story comes from Kansas City, Missouri.

In the heart of Henry County, the Calhoun Volunteer Fire Department stands as a beacon of community spirit and resilience. Under the leadership of Fire Chief Mark Hardin, the department has embraced the motto of "neighbors helping neighbors" since his arrival in December 2021.

good news story
Sam Sloan / KMBC News

Reflecting on the department's journey, Hardin emphasizes the collective effort that has driven their progress.

"There's a sense of pride and community," he told KMBC. "It's not just one person. It's all of us."

However, the department faced significant challenges upon Hardin's arrival. Operating with limited resources, including outdated equipment and non-functional trucks, they were in dire need of support. "It needed a lot of work," Hardin recalls. "Not many of the trucks were in operation. Not many of them ran. Only one ran at the time."

Undeterred by the obstacles, Hardin turned to the community for assistance. Through social media outreach and regular training sessions, the department's ranks swelled from a solitary firefighter to a dedicated team of 28 volunteers.

Their diligence and commitment did not go unnoticed. Longtime resident Sam Sloan, a stalwart supporter of the community, recognized the department's vital role and decided to make a transformative contribution. At 91 years old, Sloan's generosity knows no bounds as he pledged an astounding $500,000 to the Calhoun Volunteer Fire Department.

Sloan, while humbled by the recognition, insists that his contribution is simply an investment in the community's safety.

Watch the good news video below.

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