Scientists Discover Miracle Powder, Regrow Man's Severed Finger. This Is A HUGE Breakthrough

February 3, 2014

Doctors told Lee Spievack there was no hope for his severed finger. Spievack accidentally sliced an inch off the tip of his index finger with a model airplane propeller.

severed finger pigs bladder
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But with the help of a mystery powder at the University of Pittsburgh, referred to as "pixie dust" — tissue, blood vessels and skin regrew in just four weeks.

pigs bladder finger
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The "pixie dust" is actually extra-cellular matrix (ECM), bursting with collagen and is made from a dried pig's bladder. When this extra-cellular matrix is placed on the wound, it stimulates the cells to regrow.

pixie dust pigs bladder
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This is a huge breakthrough in one of medical science's greatest problems: the inability of humans to regenerate lost tissue.

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