K9 Hero Locates Missing Toddler In Chilly Michigan Wilderness

March 7, 2024

Today's good news story comes from Geneva Township, Michigan.

A 3-year-old boy's tearful plea for his mother marked the end of a terrifying search after he wandered off from his Michigan neighborhood wearing only a diaper in the chilly March weather. The Van Buren County Sheriff’s Department swiftly mobilized their resources, including the exceptional skills of Deputy Calhoun and his K9 partner, Kuno.

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Credit: Van Buren County Sheriff's Office

The heart-stopping ordeal began when the toddler managed to escape through a window, leaving his worried family in distress. With the temperature dropping, authorities were on high alert to find the child quickly.

The Van Buren County Sheriff, Dan Abbott, wasted no time in calling in Deputy Calhoun and Kuno, a dynamic duo with an impressive track record of finding missing children. This marked the fifth successful rescue for the pair, and their expertise was crucial in the search operation.

To enhance the search efforts, Sheriff Abbott also enlisted the help of the South Haven Area Emergency Services (SHAES) and the Great Lakes Drone Company, employing four drones and two K9s to cover the wooded area where the child was last seen.

The tension in the air was palpable as the search team worked tirelessly, knowing that every passing moment could be crucial for the child's safety. Sheriff Abbott shared, "It was heart-wrenching to sit there with the family. We had four drones on the scene, we had two K9s; it was hard for all of us to sit there and just hope for this type of ending."

In an incredible display of skill and dedication, Deputy Calhoun and K9 Kuno located the missing toddler within two hours, bringing a sense of relief to the worried parents.

For the family, the two hours felt like an eternity, but the professionalism and expertise of the search and rescue team, along with K9 Kuno's remarkable abilities, ensured a happy ending to what could have been a tragic story.

Watch the police bodycam footage of the rescue below.

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