Hiker Rescues Frightened Dog Stuck 1,000 Feet Up On Dangerous Mountain Trail

March 2, 2024

Today's good news story comes from Oahu, Hawaii.

A hiker became an unlikely hero while training on one of the most dangerous trails in Kaaawa.

man rescues dog mountain
Sergio Florian / @wellnesspt

Sergio Florian, an avid hiker and nature enthusiast, frequently explores the scenic trails that grace his hometown. Little did he know that on this particular Wednesday, his routine hike would turn into a daring rescue mission.

At the peak of the trail, a thousand feet above sea level, Sergio Florian stumbled upon a frightened dog, curled up amidst the imposing cliffs that surrounded her. The dog, later identified as "Stevie," was dehydrated and bore visible gashes on her neck and face. The sheer disbelief echoed in Florian's words as he recalled the moment, "It was unfathomable how the dog could've gotten there."

Undeterred by the challenging terrain and the perilous circumstances, Florian carefully carried the injured pup down the mountain, navigating precarious cliffs and challenging landscapes. Recounting the arduous descent, Florian explained, "I would hold on to the cliff with one hand and then I would kind of scale down with her on top of me."

"Found this sweet girl 1000 feet up on one of the most precarious sections, of one of the most dangerous trails on the island," he wrote on Instagram. "Sheer cliffs and drop offs in all directions. Luckily she let me carry her down. My arms are hurting tonight, but my heart is overjoyed."

Florian was able to reunite Stevie with her grateful owner. It was revealed that the adventurous pup had slipped away during a walk and ventured onto a pig trail, ultimately finding herself stranded on the precipice of danger.

Watch the good news video below.

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