Sanitation Crew Dumps Entire Truck On Ground To Find Woman's Diamond Ring

February 1, 2024

Today's good news story comes from Greenville, South Carolina.

In a remarkable display of dedication and teamwork, the City of Greenville Public Works proved that finding a needle in a haystack might be hard, but locating a diamond wedding band in a recycling bin is not impossible for them!

diamond ring found in trash
Credit: City of Greenville, South Carolina Government

On a fateful Sunday, Melanie Harper accidentally lost her precious diamond wedding band while disposing of recyclables at the Rutherford Road recycling center. Feeling disheartened but hopeful, she reached out to the City of Greenville Public Works via email, acknowledging the slim chances of recovering her cherished ring but expressing her gratitude in case it miraculously turned up during the recycling process.

Responding to the call for help, Public Works supervisors and diligent litter crew members decided to go above and beyond their regular duties on Monday morning.

"Let's dump it on the ground and look for it," a crew member suggested.

They collectively agreed embarked on a mission to find Melanie's lost ring.

After hours of meticulous searching, the perseverance of the team paid off when Travis Golden struck "white gold" and uncovered the missing wedding band. The excitement was palpable as they reached out to a elated Melanie, who wasted no time rushing to the Public Works facility to reunite with her precious ring.

diamond ring found in trash
Credit: City of Greenville, South Carolina Government

The heroes of the day, besides Travis Golden, included Jeff Hammond, James Burnside, Frank Daigneault, and Manny Cruz.

The City of Greenville expressed immense gratitude for their unwavering commitment to the community and their extraordinary efforts to make this reunion possible.

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