General Motors Adjusts Production Schedule In Flint So Workers Can Enjoy Detroit Lions Game

January 27, 2024

Today's good news story comes from Detroit, Michigan.

In an unprecedented move demonstrating a commitment to its workforce, General Motors has announced a slight delay in production at its highly lucrative Flint Assembly plant to allow employees to savor the much-anticipated Detroit Lions NFC Championship game on Sunday night.

detroit good news

The news broke when an enthusiastic employee shared a text message on Reddit, revealing General Motors' thoughtful decision to adjust the production schedule for a brief period.

The text read, "We recognize the Detroit Lions playing in the NFC Championship game as a rare, unique opportunity that warrants this temporary schedule adjustment to allow employees to enjoy the game."

GM good news
u/salmon10 on Reddit

"In my 13+ years at GM I've never seen a postponement to start the week...even 2 feet of snow wouldn't do it," the employee said.

This unexpected but heartwarming decision has quickly garnered widespread praise, with employees expressing gratitude for the company's acknowledgment of the significance of the event. The move not only boosts employee morale but also reinforces the idea that a healthy work-life balance is a priority at General Motors.

The NFC Championship game for the Detroit Lions holds historical significance for fans, marking a momentous occasion. The team's last appearance in an NFC Championship game dates back to the 1991 season. Prior to the current season, the Lions had endured a 31-year playoff victory drought, making this year's achievements all the more noteworthy.

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