Six Stolen Paintings Returned To Art Detective's Doorstep

October 24, 2023

Today's good news story comes from the Netherlands.

Six paintings that were stolen from the former town hall of Medemblik, the Netherlands, in early September have been miraculously recovered.

In an unexpected turn of events, the artworks were returned to the residence of art detective Arthur Brand on Friday.

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Arthur Brand / Credit: @brand_arthur

In the pre-dawn hours of September 1, an audacious break-in occurred at the former town hall, where the stolen paintings were on display. The thief made off with six valuable paintings, along with a barometer and a chandelier.

The collective value of these artworks is estimated at around 100,000 euros. Notably, the most treasured piece among them is a 360-year-old portrait of the Frisian king Radboud, making it the oldest known portrait of this historical figure.

On the fateful Friday evening, Brand's doorbell unexpectedly rang, revealing an individual with a van seeking assistance with unloading.

"There was a man with a van. Would I like to help him unload? When I asked what we would unload, he replied with a smile: 'The paintings from Medemblik'," Brand told De Telegraaf.

"All he would say is that he wasn’t involved in the theft but had come into possession of the works," Brand said. "What is striking: no appeal was made to the 10,000 euros reward offered by the municipality."

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