Man, 72, Graduates College With His Biggest Fan Cheering Him On - His 99-Year-Old Mother!

October 13, 2023

In a heartwarming tale from Georgia, a 72-year-old resident recently celebrated his college graduation in cinema studies, an achievement made even more special by the presence of his proud, 99-year-old mother.

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Credit: Georgia Gwinnett College / Facebook

Sam Kaplan of Lawrenceville decided to embark on his educational journey at Georgia Gwinnett College in 2019, half a century after he had initially opted not to pursue higher education following his high school graduation in 1969. The catalyst for his return to academia came when he heard a radio announcement about a degree program in cinema studies.

Recalling that moment, Kaplan said, "I was driving down the highway when I heard about the degree program. The next exit led to Collinsville, so I promptly exited, and within five minutes, I was enrolling in classes. I've always had a passion for writing and storytelling. I aspired to transform my narratives into screenplays, but I realized I needed the foundational knowledge to do so."

Kaplan admitted that the journey was a mix of anxiety and excitement, but it proved to be profoundly rewarding. He graduated with a 3.975 grade point average and summa cum laude honors, majoring in cinema and media arts, and has aspirations to continue crafting screenplays in the future.

"It was an exciting and nerve-wracking challenge. Reacquainting myself with the art of studying and engaging with fellow students was a lot of fun," he told FOX 5 Atlanta.

The most poignant aspect of Kaplan's graduation day was the presence of his mother, 99-year-old Virginia Kaplan, during the ceremony.

Virginia expressed her immense pride, saying, "I am so proud of him. He faced numerous challenges but persevered, and I am delighted, pleased, and incredibly proud."

The jubilant mother also added, "With his new degree, he's going to excel in whatever he does. Who knows, I might even make an appearance in the movies."

Watch the video below.

This touching story showcases the enduring pursuit of knowledge and the unwavering support of a loving mother, proving that it's never too late to follow one's dreams.

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