Radio Host Asks Internet To Help Find Her Mystery Man. Sure Enough, They Delivered

June 22, 2023

A radio host asked listeners to help her find a mystery man she shared a kiss with at a music festival.

The search caught the attention of thousands of social media users and eventually the man, named Cole.

"We Need Your Help!! Natalie met this guy at the Railbird Festival over the weekend in Lexington and she needs help to find him! Help us internet - do your thing!" the radio station wrote on social media alongside the picture of them embracing.

radio host finds mystery man she kissed
Credit: Q102 (WKRQ) / Facebook

Natalie Jones is one of the hosts of the Q102 weekday afternoon show in Cincinnati, Ohio and attended the Railbird Festival in Lexington, Kentucky where she met Cole.

They met while standing in line for drinks right before her favorite artist Tyler Childers came on. Natalie said they started chatting and "immediately hit it off". She recounted that Cole asked if he could kiss her and she declined. However, somehow it ended up happening, and a stranger snapped a photo of them and texted it to her.


Natalie's co-hosts asked why Cole didn't stop to get Natalie's number but he said, "it all happened so fast" and he was whisked away by his friends.

After they separated and the festival ended, Natalie wanted to know who her mystery sweetheart was so she posted the image on Facebook.

"To my co-hosts' credit, it was their idea. They're like we got to post it, let us post it for you," Natalie said. "We call our listeners the Q Fam; they're like let's let the Q Fam find him, and sure enough they delivered."

Although Cole lives about 5 hours from Natalie, the two have been talking every day and plan to meet up again on July 4.

Watch the interview with Natalie and Cole below.

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