Public Library Receives Flood Of Donations For Beloved Senior Cat

April 7, 2023

Thanks to the community, a public library has raised enough money to ensure the care of their treasured senior cat.

people donate to help senior cat at library
Libby / Credit: Ashville Library

Libby the cat lives at the Ashville Free Library in Ashville, NY. She is 19 years old and has brought joy to library patrons for many, many years.

Unfortunately, the older she gets, the more it costs to keep her healthy.

"This year alone, we've spent nearly $900 on vet bills for her treatment for an ear infection and a cold. For a small library on a very limited budget, this is devastating," a spokesperson for the library said.

The public library, which relies largely on township support and donations, launched a GoFundMe to try and raise funds for Libby's vet bills.

"Libby is getting older, slower, and a little frailer, but we're determined to give her the best care we can. Unfortunately, that care comes at a cost," the library wrote on fundraiser.

library good news

As of Friday morning, more than $2,900 had been raised — surpassing the $1,500 goal.

"The outpouring of affection for our dear Libby has been so heartwarming," Director Kristina Benson said. "We've had folks coming in who've never visited our library, telling tales of cats that were important to them, and how Libby's story in the paper touched their hearts."

Benson added that Libby — who has recently been suffering from a cold — is now doing much better now that she has her medicine.

"Libby is doing so much better and she's appreciated everyone's visits and well wishes!" she wrote on GoFundMe. "Thanks to the community, we have raised money to ensure her good care going forward, as well as paying her old bills. We love our kitty and we love our library- and your generous support has been a great message that you all feel the same. THANK YOU!!"

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