'He Is A Hero': Stranger Saves Mother And Daughter After Car Crash

March 22, 2023

A mother and daughter in Minnesota said a hero recently came to their rescue during a snowstorm.

They only wish they got his name.

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Jenny and Jazmine / CNN

Jenny Zimbelman and her daughter Jazmine were recently trapped in their car after they hit a snow drift and the vehicle rolled on its side near East Grand Forks.

The two women said it was a very scary situation.

"She's above me, still in her seatbelt. Hanging on so she doesn't fall on me," Zimbleman said.

"Another minute you don't know what car could have come sliding in or anything like that."

Out of nowhere, an unnamed "hero" climbed atop their car.

Jazmine said it was "extremely cold out," but the stranger braved to elements to make sure she and her mom got out of the vehicle. After safely getting the women out of the vehicle, the man took off like a superhero before they could get his name.

"To have somebody not know me or my daughter, pull over on a very bad, bad day, climb on top of a car, open the door, get us out safe and then he just left. He is a hero," Zimbelman said.

They hope to someday find the man who saved them.

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