Hero Bus Driver Saves Student From Oncoming Car

February 27, 2023

A bus driver in Ohio is being praised for having the awareness to protect a student from an oncoming car.

bus driver saves kid from car
Tecumseh Local Schools

Tecumseh Local Schools posted a video of the bus driver saving a student from being hit by a passing car.

In the video, the bus makes a routine stop to let students off. But before a young man exits the bus, the bus driver notices an oncoming vehicle attempting to pass the bus on the right.

"No! Stay!" the bus driver yells as she grabs the student by his backpack.

"We are feeling very grateful this evening for the alertness and quick actions of one of our amazing bus drivers. The video shows a car passing on the right as the bus was stopping to drop off a student," Tecumseh Local Schools wrote on Facebook.

"We did seek permission from the student's parent prior to sharing in order to spread bus safety awareness and celebrate the driver's actions. This is a reminder, please

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