Strangers Pay For Family's Birthday Party For 2-Year-Old Son

January 13, 2023

A couple of strangers gave a family a huge surprise after paying for their son's birthday party.

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Maverick's family at the party / Via ABC 7 News

Maverick's 2nd birthday party was held at Napoli's Brick Oven Pizza in Hoboken, New Jersey.

When parents Melissa and Justin tried to pay the bill, they got a big surprise: the entire bill was paid.

Melissa said she screamed.

good news stories
Guests at the birthday party / Via ABC 7

"I said 'what's wrong what's wrong?'" Justin recalled. "And it was her screaming out of excitement or surprise, she was like 'shut up, shut up'."

The strangers, who are parents of three kids themselves, told the waiter they wanted to remain anonymous.

"I would just like to say if they're out there watching, I just wanted to say it really touched us. It really has a big impact," Melissa said.

Watch the good news video below.

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