Residents Of Tiny Belgium Village Share Massive Lottery Win - Nearly $1M Each, Tax-Free

December 13, 2022

Christmas came early to the small northern Belgian village of Olmen.

"It's a lovely story, really," EuroMillions spokesperson Joke Vermoere told Reuters.

Olmen Belgium lottery win

The owners of a local store in Olmen regularly organize a EuroMillions group buy. 165 people chipped in $15 this go-round and, for the first time, they hit the jackpot.

The group won €142,897,164 ($150.81 million).

"Many winning customers were in disbelief at first," said storekeeper Wim Van Broekhoven who was as stunned as his wife when they heard the winning numbers.

Each individual will walk away with about €870,000 ($915,000) tax-free.

"We have had quite a few new customers since the big win," Van Broekhoven added. "Everyone is genuinely happy for them."

Olmen has a total population of 3,778. The village is known for its Carnival, which still follows medieval traditions.

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