'She Is A Gift From God': Stranger Leaves $4,000 Tip For Single Mom

July 13, 2022

A bartender in Texas was moved to tears after a stranger left her a $4,000 tip.

single mom tipped 4000 dollars by customer
Chelsea Lantrip Bell / Credit: KXAS

When Chelsea Bell Lantrip clocked in for her bartending shift at Chances Dance Hall in Cleburne, she didn't expect the good fortune that would come her way later that day.

She told NBC News that "two random girls" who she had not seen at the bar before came in among the crowd of regulars. One of the women ordered a round of drinks for everyone at the dance hall.

Then the woman tipped Bell $1,000 on a $179 tab.

"I started crying and [and then she said] 'no that's not good enough' and raised it to $2,000," Bell said.

When Bell went to retrieve the receipt later, she saw that the woman had ultimately left a tip of $4,000.

"I didn't believe it until it went through the credit card machine, I still didn't believe it until it hit the bank," she said.

Bell is a single mother whose son is going to Texas A&M in the fall. She plans to use the money to help him with school costs, pay off some bills, and take her aunt and grandmother out to a nice dinner.

"She is a gift from God. I believe in guardian angels, I believe in people coming into your life at the right time that you need them. And she was definitely one of them," Bell said.

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